Yang Li Eng  

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Hard-working digital guru on the way to the success…

The following is my career information in short. If you need a full version of my resume, please click the download button on the top-right corner or click the link in the footer. 🙂

Personal qualities

Before telling you my skill sets and working experience, I would like to introduce that I’m a person who is..


Although being able to work in a team environment is a must today, I still enjoy giving myself plenty of time working alone. I believe that you can learn the most valuable knowledge only by yourself, not from the others.


I hate using the word “multitasking” because no human being can actually be multitasking according to scientific research. What you can do is to prioritise tasks well and reorder them perfectly when needed. With the experience of managing over 40 clients at the same time, I’m confident that your requirements can be done on time with 100% satisfaction.


I love providing fresh ideas that would help your business, either in SEO or web development area. I don’t “act” based on a script and I don’t make advice that it’s not helpful.


Yes, I will compromise if you don’t want the best. Otherwise, please be a good listener. I will also do the same thing when you are with 100% confidence.

Professional Timeline

Working hard and making the success

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  • Nov 2019 - ...

    Impressive Digital, Cremorne

    SEO Lead
    • Managing enterprice-level SEO campaigns.
    • Leading SEO team.
    • Making SEO strategies, plans and expectations
    • Solving SEO issues and concerns internally and externally
  • Jun 2018 - Nov 2019

    Overdose Digital, Cremorne

    Search Manager
    • Managing Enterprice SEO campaigns.
    • SEO technical auditing.
    • Keyword researching.
    • Improving organic traffic and keyword rankings.
    • Monthly SEO reporting for clients.
  • Mar 2016 - Jun 2018

    Emote Digital, Hawthorn

    Search Specialist
    • Managing SEO campaigns.
    • Providing SEO audit reports for potential clients.
    • Making and implementing SEO plans and strategies.
    • Doing keyword research.
    • Improving organic traffic and keyword rankings.
    • Writing monthly SEO reports for clients.
  • Mar 2016 - ...

    Chinese Stroke Support Group Inc.

    IT Director (Volunteer)
    • Building, maintaining and updating websites to help more people understand how our group can help people with stroke.
  • Nov 2014 - Mar 2016

    StewArt Media, Mt Waverley

    SEO Specialist
    • Analysing clients’ websites
    • Making and executing SEO plans
    • Code modifying, making extra functions
    • Optimising conversion rates to meet clients and Google’s needs.
    • Communicate with clients to understand requirements and provide solutions, feedbacks and reports.
  • Dec 2013 - Nov 2014

    StewArt Media, Mt Waverley

    SEO Developer
    • Executing SEO plans including element implementing creating custom themes for different CMSs, code modifying, making extra functions.
    • Strong experience with front-end (including responsive design) design for websites.