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You may have a business or planning to start a business and you want to have a website and grow together with your business. Then you may have a low budget to spent on designing and building a website. Website agency is no longer one of your choices because of their high cost. That’s why you would need a freelance web developer to have your site built. I’m a freelance web developer that can build your site fast, well and with very low cost right here in Australia.

Why pick me?

All about the cost-efficiency

Price Transparent

Tell you a truth about website developing: all web design or development agencies lie about the actual time they spent on building your site, and even worse, they charge way beyond that they should on your functionality requirements. You can’t just blame them right away because they want to survive and grow their business quickly. Have you even experienced such a situation that an agency wants to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to just get a simple function built? However, they never tell you that such a functionality may just cost couples of minutes to finish: download, install, configure and it’s done!

That’s why I’m here, to build your site with a low budget by avoiding unnecessary and abnormal costs during the design and development process of your brand new site. For any customised functionalities, if there’s a free and function-ready plugin or extension, I will let you know and remove the cost from your budget. Also, details of time spent on building your site will be listed out and you will only be charge by the hour (flat hour rate).


You will never find another one who can build your site in such a rapid speed. For normal lead-generation or company sites, 2 to 3-week’s working time is our promise. For eCommerce sites, 4 to 6 weeks and all would be done!

Pick Me


You may wonder how can I control the quality while I build the site that fast? That’s because I’m not only a web developer, but also a freelance SEO specialist. I truly know what kind of sites are the best to attract visitor and make them convert, as optimising user experience and conversion rate is a must when it turns into SEO area.

Unlike other web developers, all the sites I build is SEO-ready or SEO-friendly as you may have heard of. If you also want to sign up with my SEO services, your cost will even be less because much work had already been done during the web development process.